Click-Scroll Option

Click-Scroll Option

Have you ever heard about click scroll option or have you ever wished for it?

If you haven’t, you will definitely do that in the future. Although I personally think that book will never be out, our conscience should force us to pass to the Internet content. We hardly ever think about how many trees have to be cut just to make so many books. Thanks to modern technology we are able to read online. Here readers have two options. The first one is to slice up the text and the second is a more practical scroll. In the nineties, there wasn’t that option but nowadays we couldn’t imagine online reading without it. They are the best option for lengthy and continuous content like articles or tutorials. This way you wouldn’t have to put everything above the fold. If you provide your readers a very interesting content or they will scroll, I can assure you that.

The biggest flaw of scrolling is the fact that it is difficult to know where you are within the page in case of going from one article to another one. The thing about traditional scrolling is that you have to scroll more and more content until you get to the end. After analyzing the best solution for the easiest scrolling I have concluded that the best option is to know your current location. This will allow you to put content on the top of the page and reveal the rest of the next part of the content, as much content as it possible.

This is the point of click-scroll option. Of course, this idea is still developing and it needs to be upgraded. This is just a demo. The main idea is to create a real virtual book market that you can use on any kind of sites. In this way, the customer will be able to use this software application as a type of some kind of bookmark in a web browser. This bookmark allows us to be in interaction with the web page that is currently loaded.

Using scrolling will make your reading easier and faster. Your reading will become a pleasure. After using it for a very short of time, you will forget about reading from the books. That means that all reading will be simplified with this software application. You will always know here you and you will able to continue reading without any obstacles.

My currently click-scroll option is just a demo version on JSFiddle. My plan is to develop it as soon as possible in two directions. The first thing is that it will be used on most part of the sites and the second you will be able to use on your jQuery projects. To make this real we will have to work harder and to make it work. It needs to be more flexible and easier for use. Although it should work on it, in the future I have no doubts that you are going to like it anyway.

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