When Is The Best Time To Buy a Cellphone To Your Children?

When we were kids, we were dying to have our first mobile phone.  I remember that I was trying to convince my father that it would be safer that he buys me a mobile phone so I could call him all the time in any time. The real fact is that there wasn’t any need for that. To be honest I wanted it just for play. I just wanted to be like other children. They bought me one eventually but I didn’t use it at all because I didn’t have a habit.

The other day I was sitting on the bus and next to me was a dad and a little girl that was no more than 7-8 years old … she said to him, “When are you going to buy me a new phone?” Her dad answered: “As soon as I receive a salary or something like that … And she said, “But only one with a camera, and a good one, I want to make real pictures.” The point of this story is not that I spy people on the buses: I simply overheard this; the point is that this is not normal. It is natural that children ask for all kind of things – even more natural is that they are interested in  them and cannot wait to get ‘equipment “new modern toys, but parents are the ones who will tell them when. Their first phone mustn’t be too much expensive.

In my opinion the best choice is Alcatel One Touch 20.01. It isn’t the perfect one but it is still the best options on the market. Due to the fact that there aren’t so many mobiles made for kids nowadays we can admit that it is difficult to find one. Most of the phones are not just phones; they are always more than that. They became personal computers that we use basically for all.

Some of parents are against and others are for buying them these expensive toys.

I was skeptical at the beginning, about these mobile phones in children’s pockets, but bearing in mind that we can contact our child always affect me to make up my mind. If we think that we are more than half a day separated from our child, and that our children after coming home from school are alone at home or somewhere else and busy some kind of an activity, it is good to be able to get in touch with them and call them and see if everything is ok with them and in the right order. This way we can protect them and stop any kind of bulling. Many times it happens that among children there is violence, theft and harassment, particularly of the older offenders.

In this case buying a cellphone to our children sounds very reasonable. Just make sure that you buy him a cellphone – not smartphone. You don’t want to put it in some kind of cyber danger.

Author: Branko Vukelic

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