Linux Mint 14 boots on ThinkPad X220T in seconds

Fast booting is no longer such an exotic feature nowadays with excellent service management provided by systemd and Upstart.

On Arch Linux, I was able to boot my Lenovo ThinkPad X220 convertible tablet considerably faster than the highly-optimized Windows 7 install that came with it. However, I was simply amazed by the speed at which Mint 14 gets from Grub bootloader menu to the login screen.

From BIOS POST to login screen, it takes about 20 seconds with BIOS diagnostics mode turned on (which slows things down a bit). More amazingly, it only takes a few seconds to get from Grub menu to login dialog off the SSD drive that came with the laptop.


Since the BIOS diagnostics had been turned on in the first video, it, logically took much longer to boot. Here is the version of Linux Mint booting without the diagnostics mode. It goes from POST to login in less than 16 seconds. (In fact, it hits the login screen at the 10 second mark, and I've cut off maybe a second of two of initial POST, so it's closer to 12 seconds than 16.)

Keep in mind that this is all more or less vanilla Mint without any tweaking done under the hood.


For comparison, here is the 40-second boot of Windows 7.